Executive Board

Catherine Scruggs


Rachel Lutz

Vice President

Whitney Combs


Michelle Bahena

Chief Financial Officer

Becky Meyers

Vice President of Philanthropy

Cassidy Soard

Vice President of Academics

Haley Frieling

Vice President of New Member Education

Lauren Conner

Vice President of Programming and External Affairs

Faith Andrews

Vice President of Risk Management

Peyton Bracci

Vice President of Recruitment

Amanda Lynch

Vice President of Ritual and Tradition

Eden Black

Director of Internal Relations

Shelly Murry

Director of Intramurals

Alison Gatzemeyer

Director of Branding and Apparel

Bailey McTavish

Director of Alumnae Relations


Cela Cashel

Director of Marketing and Outreach 

Katelyn Frahm

Director of Community Service

Lauren Ancell

Senior PHA Delegate

Janelle Joswick

Junior PHA Delegate

Nadia DeLeon

Greek Week


Rebecca Schaljo

Greek Week