Executive Board

Hannah Fuller


Becky Meyers

Vice President

Abby Griffith


Catherine Scruggs

Chief Financial Officer

Lauren McDowell

Vice President of Philanthropy

Krista Ward

Vice President of Academics

Lauren Ancell

Vice President of New Member Education

Katie Moon

Vice President of External Affairs

Rachel Lutz

Vice President of Risk Management

Katy Millwood

Vice President of Recruitment

Sierra Delrosa

Vice President of Ritual and Tradition

Peyton Bracci

Director of Internal Relations

Samantha Ziph

Director of Intramurals

Ashley Runge

Director of Branding and Apparel

Ga'Nea Jones

Director of Alumnae Relations


Mady Kendrick 

Director of Marketing and Outreach 

Courtney Gutche

Director of Community Service

Grace Sullentrup

Senior PHA Delegate

Emily Hefferle

Junior PHA Delegate

Emily Tate

Greek Week


Meagan Smith

Greek Week